The Fourth Annual Wilkesboro Cyclocross Festival returns the weekend before Thanksgiving for two days of incredible racing! The Festival is race #3 and #4 in the Southeast Cyclocross Super Series (SECX): four weekends at the best events in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Sunday is also race #8 in the North Carolina Cyclocross Series.

This year, we are introducing a flatter “Speed Course” for Saturday, to balance out the racing, and save your legs for the roller coaster ride of the Sunday’s “Technical Course” which made Cyclocross Magazine’s call it a “Race You Do Not Want to Miss” and one of the Best New Races of 2012.

Need another reason to spend the weekend in Wilkesboro? #NoFoamParty Saturday night at The Bar at 6th and Main Restaurant and local hotels are offering great deals.

Sign up for both days of the Wilkesboro Cyclocross Festival at Pre-Reg.com:
To sign up for Saturday (SECX #3) click HERE
To sign up for Sunday (SECX #4 and NCCX #8) click HERE (you will have to pan down)

Keep an eye on the Facebook Page for updates on the race, and some exciting announcements, and make your reservations to stay in Wilkesboro!


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